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Algues Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae du lac Klamath AlphaOne, l'équilibre de la nature

Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae 
from the Klamath Lake
AlphaOne, balance of nature



We benefit from the support and active collaboration of scientists who ensure the control of our products ranges and of our communication. The information or answers they provide in conferences or direct conversations are under no circumstances elements of a personal diagnosis.

Marc François Paya, curious pluridisciplinary specialist doctor that passionately explores competence fields

Pain specialist, with a diplome in acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, auriculo medecin,  Marc François Paya is a former director of a university department, medical consultant and expert for court. 

Christian Dubreuil – The man that listens to pains, multi specialist doctor, researcher and humanist

Christian Dubreuil, head of ENT at LYON SUD Hospital, with a diploma in cardiology, legist doctor, internist in cancerology, understood his destiny at a very young age and passionately fulfils his art for more than forty years.    


Multiple Medicines, One Medical Duty

By the "Commission d'Ethique de l'Ordre Départemental des Médecins de Côte d'Or" (translated in English)

It is proven that different medicines receive more and more positive resonances and that the ordinal institution is in an uncomfortable position, since it has to decide between the free choice of patients and the mission of determining the limits of esotericism.
The association has the priority duty to protect the patients against…  


SynerJ Health insists on the quality of their product ingredients and guarantees their traceability. The products have formulas that minimize the risks of allergies: The great majority of the raw materials used do neither contain gluten, nor any other major allergen.


In the same spirit, SynerJ Health attends to the respect of each user's values.


 The Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae harvested by SynerJ Health



The Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae commercialized by SynerJ Health under the name of 

AlphaOne® are homologated by the European instances under the reference number: PL 2269/1. It is the only homologated formula in France.

Read the European homologation 


The Aquae Care division that harvests the Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae which is commercialized by SynerJ Health is holder of official records at NSF International :

The AFA is a natural and non doping substance.


A comparative multicriteria study on 3 micro algae: Chlorella, Spirulina et Aphanizomenon shows a superior performance of the Aphanizomenon in each of the following points:

-          Supply of phenethylamine, polysaccharide, Omega 3 and phycocyanin

-          Effect on free radicals

-          Effect on lymphocytes, killer cells and adult stem cells.

See the results of the comparative study


The products of the SynerWave range benefit from the CMO technology: Compensatory Magnetic Oscilator

Read an extract of the Afssaps protocol


Quercetin: Quercetin is a part of the flavonoids. These are pigments – over 4000 of them give their colors to flowers, fruits and vegetables. These components which are naturally present in vegetables have numerous effects on the organism: The principal one is to reinforce the capillary walls (the smallest blood vessels) and to reduce their permeability. 


Ascorbic Acid 2-phosphat (Asc2P) is a rare form of vitamin C that is very effective in slowing down the shortening of telomeres in vitro.

A study has shown that the repetitive in vitro addition of Asc2P to human endothelial cells slows down the shortening of telomeres by 52-62%. The authors have put forward the hypothesis that the slowing down of the shortening comes from the capacity of Asc2P to fight against free radicals and to prevent the shortening of the telomeres which is a result of damages caused by free radicals and not by the cell division process.

Co-Enzyme Q10

The Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a constituent that is naturally present in living cells. Its physiological function is to act like an essential cofactor to the production of ATP and to carry out important antioxidant activities in the body.

In most countries and for more than 20 years, the CoQ10 has been widely used. Published reports about security studies indicate that CoQ10 has a weak toxicity but does not have any undesirable effects on humans. 


Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis: A study has examined the effects of Cs-4 (Cordyceps Sinensis) on the physical performance of healthy elderly people. Twenty elderly (50-75 years of age) and healthy subjects were recruited for this full blind study which was using placebos. The subjects either took capsules of 333 mg of Cs-4 or placebo capsules three times a day over a course of 12 weeks.

This pilot study suggests that taking supplements of Cs-4 (Cordyceps Sinensis) improves physical performance and could contribute to the well-being of healthy elderly people. All these results suggest that Cs-4 has an anti-ageing effect.

Bilberry - Blueberry

Vaccinum Angustifolium. The blueberry and the bilberry both contain a dark blue pigment, sometimes nearly black, which characterizes this type of Vaccinium. It is to this pigment, which is part of the anthcyanoside family, that we award some medical properties of these berries.

Other constituents such as the flavonols (a type of flavonoid of which quercetin is a part of) also have effects.
Finally, the tannins present in blueberries are probably responsible for their anti-diarrhea effect. Whereas the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) principally comes from Europe, the blueberry is the fruit of diverse North American indigenous populations. The principal blueberry types are Vaccinium Myrtilloides and Vaccinium Angustifolium. 

Green tea extract

The L-Theanine, one of the essential constituents of green tea, is an amino acid that has positive effects on our health when integrated in a healthy and balanced diet.
Given its preventive properties against some ailments, L-Theanine is beneficial for people of every age when consumed regularly. 

Blue-green algae from the Klamath Lake

The blue-green algae is the most ancient life form on the planet. Having survived the years without any changes, it is without a doubt the most resistant.
Over the years, it developed unique properties including an incomparable nutrient cocktail: essential fatty acids, vitamin E, C, B9, calcium, iron, zinc…

The biocrystallization is one of the global methods to evaluate the quality of a product, usually nutrients or medicaments. This method is based on the analysis in standard conditions of the macroscopic form of crystals obtained by crystallization in a receptacle.

Crystallization of AlphaOne

The image of AlphaOne which is obtained by Biocrystallization is a harmonious, orderly and homogenous one.

The central figure is very loose, perfectly symmetrical and well drawn. It presents a slightly carved out aspect with a series of interior volutes, confering a high organization power on the product.

In the middle we find signs of a high vitality with a regular weft which has the particularity of being spread out on the whole image without interruption.

Crystallization of SynerBoost

The image of SynerBoost which is obtained by Biocrystallization seduces with its harmonious and radiating appearance. It is a symmetrical and regular image that stands out thanks to its remarkable density.

The unique nucleus is the center of a rich and exuberant weft. The numerous crystalline courants of which it is constituated are delicatly divided and uniformly branched out. The fullness of this weft creates the impression of great strength associated to a certain flexibility shown by the amount of ramifications.

Crystallization of SynerStem

The image of SynerStem which is obtained by Biocrystalization is surpirsing because of the huge amount and flexibility of its directory structures.

The general structure is particularly harmonous, symmetrical and dense. The image is constituted of an outpouring of dendrites that are organized in a beautiful lace. The principal crystalline courants are delicatly branched out and chiseled. They end in a lush spray forming an exuberant and unbridled weft.

Cristallisation du SynerStem

L'image de SynerStem obtenue par la méthode de Cristallisation Sensible est une image surprenante par sa richesse et par la souplesse de ses arborescences.

La structure générale est particulièrement harmonieuse, symétrique, dense. L'image est constituée d'un foisonnement de dendrites organisés en dentelle ouvragée. Les courants cristallins principaux sont finement ramifiés et délicatement ciselés. Ils se terminent en gerbe luxuriante formant une périphérie exubérante et débordante.



Lecture sur tablette

Stem cells are the subject of numerous researches and publications since the 2000s. There are also a lot of researches on the Aphanizomenom Flos Aquae alga, about its properties and effects on living organisms.

Linked down below, you can consult the most representative of these studies and researches.

For the majority of texts, you will find a bibliography list, expanding your information sources even more.

For some of the publications there are also French versions:  Do not hesitate to ask your advisor who will inform you.



   Researches on stem cells

​   Researches on the Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae


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