SYNERTONUS 180 capsules

SYNERTONUS 180 capsules


Sea Water+Asc2P+Aphanizomenon

The right formula for your vitality

Remineralisation (Sea water contains 84 minerals), intensive nutrients for your cells (l’Aphanizoménon Flos Aquae contains 115 micronutrients)

SynerTONUS® contains a rare form of vitamin C, the Asc2P, vitamin B3, atomized sea water with a high concentration of minerals and oligo-elements (84 elements)  and an extract of Aphanizoménon flos aquae: 115 micronutrients to nourrish your cells in an optimal way.

The best of fresh water and sea water mixed in a unique formula! 

The richest dietary supplement existing on the international market today. 



  • Atomized sea water 
  • Vitamin C Asc2P
  • Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae
  • Vitamin B3


Recommended consumption: 2 capsules once daily

Box for 3 months of consumption