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Join us!

You are interested in our philosophy?
You share our idea of an individual that is responsible for his own well-being?
You are satisifed with our products and want to share your experience?

We are interested in your profile!
You can also contribute to the success of SynerJ Health and help others by passing on the results which are proven by sincere and trustworthy testimonials.

Whether to increase your revenue, your pension, to finance a project, your studies, a journey, to pamper yourself, or to donate, to be active for a cause that is dear to you, to share passionate experiences and human values?

For all these reasons and many more...

Become a SynerJ Health Ambassador!
Contact us via the email address on the top right of this page. 

Join a friendly team that combines solidarity, seriousness and conviviality!

Read the Charter of Corporate Behavior 


What is direct selling? A simple way to create your own activity and to control its development… 
We have chosen to commercialize our products in direct selling because it is a win-win partnership. No shop or intermediate dealer: The direct sales agent is an individual who is convinced by the products and chooses to tell other people about it. He easily shares his experiences with others, knows how to naturally enhance the benefits he got as a user or a witness. The agent is sincere and convincing.
The role of the advisor is to bring together people of his entourage, for instance to have a drink, dinner, or to spend a nice evening together, and to introduce them to the products of SynerJ Health. Everyone is welcome to listen and to share his or her own experiences. The participants independently and individually discover the product ranges by meeting and talking with other sincere people, whose credibility is directly linked to their specific experiences. Your advisor is a direct sales agent. In accordance with his sales numbers, generated by his activity, he will be a door-to-door salesperson or will exercice his own activity as an independent. 


Direct selling... how about you?
No commercial diploma or background are required: All you need is to be interested in natural therapies, some free time and your will to build your own success.

Your mission: Introduce the products to others during meetings or private conferences. You can also support and later supervise others in order to encourage their own development.

  • You independently organize your own activity as you like it: You are not limited to a fix number of people.

  • You develop your activity at your own rhythm and according to your own constraints and wishes, reconciling work and private life.

  • You are the master of your income: Your income is calculated  based on your sales numbers generated by your own activity and by the activity of the people you recruited. No stock, no advance payment, but an attractive remuneration plan, a motivating bonus program.


The company SynerJHealth is a member of the Direct Selling Federation in France. This is a guarantee for:

  • A rigorous administrative and financial monitoring, compliance with legislation and with ethic and deontology rules of the profession,

  • The regular and punctual payment of your income.


Autonomous but also part of a team, you will benefit from a logistic and personal support. You will dispose of a selling kit and a personal agent account on the SynerJ Health website to access training materials: documents, studies, publications and videos. Via your personal account, you can, autonomously or with the help of our telephone advisors, place orders, follow your activity and the one of the people you recruited and consult your commission statements or your dashboard. You can even create your own public website to get in touch with your customers.



As an advisor, you are invited to:

  • Attend training seminars,
  • Participate in professional meetings with scientific lecturers,
  • Meet with all the teams and leaders.
SynerJ Health is a member of the Direct Selling Federation in France (FVD).
The Direct Selling Federation in France gathers companies that have chosen to commercialize their products directly to the customers through qualified commercial agents. These companies follow professional rules that are defined by the direct selling code of ethics and by the code of conduct for direct selling agents.
You can also contact us via email:, or via letter to:
SynerJ Health
68 rue principale
57800 Betting
or complete the "Contact us" form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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