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SynerJ Health and sports

Because a physical activity contributes to our well-being, SynerJ Health supports amateur and professional sport programs.


Thomas Goyard, supported by SynerJ Health, has been named new European windsurf champion in Helsinki.

Thomas Goyard, student in engineering finishing his studies in 2017 and high level sportsman of the Pôle Excellence Voile EIGSI, has just been named European Champion in Helsinki, Finland. This victory confirms Thomas' immense potential and adds to his already incredible record.

In fact, for more than six years, Thomas has been a sure value for French windsurfing on RS:X:

His record is: Junior World Champion in 2010, 3rd of the world in 2014, 2nd in the World Cup 2015 in Miami, today he is European Champion.

"If you have time and want to know what windsurfing in competition looks like, mark the World Cup in Hyères, which is taking place from 26th to 30th of April 2017, in your calendar! 

And if you have time and wish to travel, you can check the other places where I will be windsurfing :)

See you soon,"

Thomas Goyard 


Cyclo Pertois In April 2016, SynerJ Health organized its amateur cyclist contest in Drôme, covering that way its 41st rando fleurie


Corima Drôme ProvençaleIn March 2016 SynerJ Health has supported the 7th edition of the Corima Drôme Provençale.

Consisting of 3 cyclist events from 74 to 155km of length and one hiking event of 47 km, starting in Montélimar in Drôme.


Anne TRAN, the rising star of badminton, confirms her performances.

On the 10th December 2016 Anne Tran wins the Ireland Open!

On the 15th December 2016 Anne Tran wins the Italian Open in mixed double!

Anne TRAN gagne l'open d'Italie en double mixte!

All our congratulations to this rising star of badminton!

The record of this young champion with a bright future:

  • Finalist of the French Championship 2014 and 2015
  • Silver medal in Europe Junior Championship with the team 2013
  • French Women Double Champion 2013
  • Finalist French Mixed Double Championship 2013

Amiens 2017 - Double Women Final: Change of hands! Delphine DELRUE and Lea PALERMO leave their title for the pairing of Emilie LEFEL / Anne TRAN to claim with 21/16 21/23 21/19. They seal the deal! The girls ran the show!
Emilie LEFEL from Arras wins the title again after her title in 2015, but this time with her partner Anne TRAN who leaves Amiens with a gold and silver medal (mixed double). A good record at the age of 20, isn’t it.

The reigning champions started badly. Cornered in the back part of the pitch, Delphine DELRUE and Léa PALERMO could not counter the physical challenge posed by Emilie LEFEL and Ann TRAN who win the first set 21/16.

In the following set, Emilie and Anne continue their lead. Even though being behind 11/16, the title holders do not give up. More present in the front of the pitch, they are able to come back to 17/17. The suspense reaches its peak at 21/21. The shuttlecock chooses its side and the public gets a third set!

Sets at 1 all, everything is up for grabs. The mano à mano restarts. Anne and Emilie try and shorten the exchanges. Behind 10/14, they find the force to come back into the game at 16/16. The services get primordial. And at this game, the pairing TRAN/LEFEL have the upper hand to win 21/19!

Amiens 2017 – Double Mixed Final: Labar and Fontaine are named champions. The first final of the French Championship 2017 opposed the winners of the first series, Ronan Labar and Audrey Fontaine (Aix Université Club/Issy les Moulineaux badminton Club) to Anne Tran and Jordan Corvée (Aix Université Club/US Talence). It were the more experienced Ronan Labar and Audrey Fontaine who won in three sets (19/21 21/10 21/15).
Winners against French Pair number 2 Bastian Kersaudy and Léa Palermo, Anne Tran and Jordan Corvée started the match perfectly by bothering the favourites since the beginning and by winning the first set 21/19. They did not take the reaction of the number 1s who showed their experience and equalized with a one way second set, which they won 21/10, into account. In the beginning of the third set, the future winners led early on and were not caught despite a good fight from Anne and Jordan. They finally win the set 21/15.  Named French Champions of 2017, Ronan Labar and Audrey Fontaine did let their experience speak for itself!











Nouveau maillot de la Corima 2017!!!Corima 2017

SynerJHealth is back again with the Corima!

Loriol - Drôme - France - 10th February 2017

The company Corima, world leader in the production and creation of bicycle wheels, supplier of the great champions in the whole world, has welcome the officials of the Drôme and the sponsors in their facilities for the offficial launch of the jersey of the 2017 edition of the race.
SynerJHealth is part of it!



Les officiels et sponsors 2017

More than 2000 participants are expected. They will wear the colours of SynerJHealth which is proud to be supporting the action "Un Fauteuil à la Mer", just like in 2016. In fact, a part of the participitation fees will contribute to the financing of this operation by Rotary.



L'affiche de la saison 2017!


The Corima Drôme Provençale opens the bicycle season on the 18th and 19th March, starting in and around of Montélimar.
There are 4 courses to satisfy each level: 157 / 111 / 78 and 47 km.

Depart de la Corima 2017


In 2017, the centre of the Corima Drôme Provençale exceptionally moves to the Palais des Congrès Charles Aznavour. Near the main train station, in the heart of the city, with more than 540 parking spaces, the most recent building of Montélimar Agglomération, which was inaugurated in 2014, will receive you in its 3500m2. This move will result in a refounding of the start and finish lines as well as a changement of the last 20km of the race.


Sponsors 2017



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