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Get to know us

Get to know us

Expertise and know-how in nutrition

Together with their creator and for more than 15 years, the teams of SynerJ Health design, create, test, produce and commercialize exclusive natural dietary supplements that are dedicated to your well-being.

Originally based on the Aphanizomenon blue-green algae from the Klamath Lake (Oregon – USA), today our product range is steadily increasing to respond to diverse challenges and to accompany everyone's life.

Our products value ingredients which are rigorously chosen because of their exceptional and complementary nutritional compositions: algae, plants and vegetable extracts…






Since the beginning and based on our quality policy, we offer products that fulfil the following 4 key points:


Natural products







We respect the existing regulations: selection of ingredients, doses, health allegations... and we are committed to offering unique formulas that accompany your daily well-being.



Jacques Prunier

The founder: Jacques Prunier Researcher and biologist

After two decades of collaboration in different pharmaceutical structures and laboratories, Jacques Prunier chooses, 20 years ago, to undertake unconventional ways. Thanks to his original spirit, curiosity and openness towards other cultures, he is in a constant research of innovative solutions with the goal of improving the life quality of his fellow men and women. Since the year 2000, he is interested in Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae, also called blue-green algae from the Klamath Lake. As a pioneer in his field, Jacques Prunier fights with conviction to obtain, in 2007, the authorization by European authorities to legally sell his products and their homologation.

In the 2000s, he creates his own laboratories and is, since then, committed to developping exclusive complete and patented formulas, which are now commercialized in the entire world.

Jacques Prunier has initiated and led researches about stem cells. He is also the author of the book: "Cellules souches adultes Aphanizomenon et Synerstem".

He has also introduced in France the grapefruit seed extract, a product of which the virtues are largely recognized. 

Today, Jacques Prunier still leads conferences and travels the world to further develop the company and to share his expertise. In France, he still coordinates the teams of SynerJ Health, to share the spirit, the passion and the quality of the know-how of SynerJ Health.


The eagle: symbol of SynerJ Health
The Bald Eagle is part of our logo because it was thanks to the observation of his behavior and his diet, which is based on blue-green algae from the Klamath Lake, that the ancient occupants of North America recognized the extraordinary properties of this natural nutrient.

The scientific comittee of SynerJ Health      

We benefit from the support and from the active collaboration of specialist doctors and experts that ensure the medical and scientific control of our product ranges and of our communication. The information or the answers they provide, in conferences or in direct conversations, are under no circumstances elements of a personal diagnosis. As every health professional, these specialists practice in private consultations, by appointment.

Our medical advisors 
Christian Dubreuil – The man who listens to pains, multi specialist doctor, researcher and humanist.
Marc François Paya, curious pluridisciplinary specialist doctor that passionately explores competence fields.


Know and order our products: The SynerJ Health advisors

An international network - A reactive team that listens to you

Our products are commercialized through direct selling. Our network consits of thousands of independent direct sales agents whose mission is to introduce, present and explain each product range, during private meetings, events and conferences. 

After creating a customer account together with your advisor, he will guide you while placing your first order. Your order will be fulfilled immediatly. If your order is validated and paid before twelve o'clock, it will be shipped the same day.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the email address appearing at the top right of this page.

The company SynerJ Health is a member of the Direct Selling Federation in France (FVD), which ensures the respect of ethics and guarantees serious and rigorous work. The Direct Selling Federation in France gathers companies that have chosen to commercialize their products directly to the customers through qualified commercial agents. These companies follow professional rules that are defined by the direct selling code of ethics and by the code of conduct for direct selling agents.

SynerJ Health in the world     

Today, SynerJ Health is present in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, New Caledonia, in Overseas territories and Australia. It is expanding, and will soon also be in the USA and Canada.

Together, we accompany around 30 000 customers. 







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