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Direct selling in France

Direct selling in France

Considering the growing success of the direct selling in France, Laurent Wauquiez, a state secretary responsible for employment, François Failliot, the president of the Federation of Direct Selling (FVD) in France and Jacques Cosnefroy, the general delegate of the Federation of Direct Selling, have signed a historical agreement on Wednesday the 12th of May 2010 a veritable boost to the employment and to the creation of enterprises. The agreement will promote the return to employment for thousands of people, among them some practitioners of little-known high value professions and the development of delocalized jobs. To reach this objective, the Federation of Direct Selling in France and its members, the AFPA (Association for Further Training of Adults), the National Education and the AGEFOS PME undersigned partnership agreements deciding to utilize all their available ressources to promote their field of activity even more. These professional agreements allow our enterprises to cooperate with regional actors for employment to reinforce the image of our profession through actions « in the field » and to consolidate our presence on the market as a modern distribution channel offering real working opportunities.

A framework agreement with the minister of youth, of national education and of research signed on the 22nd of March 2003

This partnership allows to train young people and guides them towards the professions of direct selling and facilitates their integration in the companies of our filed of activity. The Federation and the Ministry of National Education agree to elaborate pedagogical tools with joint participation of professionals and teachers to handle the specific aspects of direct selling. The Federation has actively contributed to the redesign of the professional baccalaureate in sales and to the BTS negotiation – client service. In this BTS program, a two years training regarding direct selling covers the following subjects: prospection, negotiation techniques, team coaching in sales and the juridical environment of the profession. Furthermore, students attending the training have the possibility of  completing the whole or part of their practical training or project at a company operating in the field of direct selling.

Convention of professional engagement with the AGEFOS PME signed on the 30th of March 2005.

The purpose of this convention is to encorage the creation and the development of further training in companies members of the Federation of Direct Selling. Companies that choose the AGEFOS PME for their further training can communicate a training project they plan to the AGEFOS PME of their respective region. The AGEFOS PME will advise them on the finalization of their project as well as on the pronunciation of the necessary funding.

A framework agreement with the National Association for Professional Training of Adults (AFPA) signed on 20th of June 2005

This first national framework agreement, bringing together the Federation of Direct Selling and the AFPA, aims at creating jobs in companies belonging to the FVD and to the professionalization of employees and job seekers. Companies members of the FVD are committed to support better integration for job seekers, to develop more stable jobs and to enhance employees loyalty through their training.
The AFPA answers the needs of the companies’ employees by offering adapted trainings, more particularly in the fields of sales and enterprise creation. It accompanies job seekers in discovering professions through in-company immersion periods, qualifying courses or courses leading to a professional degree, based on the professional title of sales agent level V with the option of “direct selling by meetings with individuals”.

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