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Crystallization of SynerBoost

The image of SynerBoost which is obtained by Biocrystallization seduces with its harmonious and radiating appearance. It is a symmetrical and regular image which stands out thanks to its remarkable density.

The unique nucleus is the center of a rich and exuberant weft. The numerous crystalline courants of which it is constituated are delicatly divised and uniformly branched out. The fullness of this weft creates the impression of great strength associated to a certain flexibility shown by the amount of ramifications.

The circumference is well supplied. It is inhabitated by a lot of crystalline courant endings which are forming a neatly lined up and strongly tightened ensemble. 

Thanks to all these characteristics it is undeniable that SynerBoost is a product that is in strong accordance with living organisms. The abounding appearance of the image shows a high structuring and reconstituting power. At the same time the delicacy and balance of the image lines seem to show nice harmonizing properties.

SynerBoost combines power and delicacy which gives it, without a doubt, a great therapeutic comfort.

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